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The small town of Weiser comes alive when locals welcome visitors to a family-friendly week of music and fun. We hold competitions, we refresh the landscape to inspire families to enjoy nature, hike the local nature trails and explore the parks of the neighborhood. For those of us who enjoy some of the simple pleasures of small-town life on days when we want to explore the city, the biggest attractions are just a short drive away.

Be sure to participate in Kuna Days with an appetite; you can quench your thirst in the beer garden or buy freshly prepared food in the Food Truck Alley. Make sure you come to Kuna Day with an appetite: you can buy fresh, freshly prepared food from food trucks along the street or quench your thirst with a beer in the garden. Make sure you have visited Kuna's days without appetizers: you can shop lightheartedly - prepare food from food trucks down the alley or quench your thirst with the beer garden.

Experience the old-fashioned fun and carnival at Kuna Days, which takes place on the second weekend in August. "Old-fashioned, fun, rural carnival experience" - this was the experience of Kuneas Days on the first weekend in August and again on the third and fourth weekend in September.

The largest annual festival of its kind in the US takes place from mid-June and offers a wide range of music, crafts, food and entertainment. Regular festivities include the annual Kuna Festival of Music and Art on the third and fourth weekends in September.

Every Saturday from June, Tamarack Resort offers a wide range of live music, food and entertainment by local and national artists. The Outlaw Field Amphitheatre is located in the heart of Kuna, just a short drive from the city centre and brings together top bands from all over the country. Virtually every genre and music style is represented, from country, rock, hip-hop, jazz, blues, folk, pop and rock "n" roll.

Held in early September, the Hermit Music Festival offers a wide range of live music, food and entertainment from local and national artists. With a five-day music and arts festival featuring hundreds of bands performing in over a dozen venues, you'll be inspired and hopefully a little tired. Enjoy the magnificent views of Lake Cascade while listening to local bands, soaking up the sun, grabbing a tube with friends and swimming in the fast-flowing river.

Known for its spectacular bird - many birds of prey nest nearby - the river is also interesting for swan lovers as it is home to the largest swan colony in the United States. Twenty miles from the Snake River is Kuna Falls State Park, home to the oldest public park in the world. After admiring the historic silver marker, take a walk through the vast valley and view the beautiful waterfalls of Lake Cascade. Considered one of the most scenic golf courses in Idaho, Falcon Crest Golf Club in Kunas features a 9-hole executive course with views of the surrounding mountains and valley. From a 1.50 metre golf course, which is held by nesting predators, you have breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Big Mic's in Kuna were originally founded as a bar and music venue, but since they were first mentioned by Boise Beat, it has become clear that it is worth the short drive to Kunas. If you need a place where everyone feels welcome when they walk in, the owner, Big Mike Larson, feels like the place to be. The small community of Cambridge, just a few miles south of the city of Boise, Idaho, hosts a classic country festival every year on the last Sunday in August.

We wanted to put down roots, plant the community, get a salon and music hall going, that's when it all started. We try to use music and art and what we want to do, so just come in and get a taste of it. Wednesday we have a night of open microphones, a live music night with many different bands, we also have a baby grand piano to play on iTunes so people come and If you're a good pianist, they'll let you sit and play.

We have a steak called Pan Head Steak, it's like a pan head Harley, we use front shoulder lumps that are freshly ground. We want hamburgers in the valley that are not meat, that is the best piece of meat for us, and we put a lot of love into the snack. It depends what you like, you will have it for your whole life, but we have steak that we call Pan Head Steaks, they are really good for you.

We have a local in the street and they say you do a lot of business here. With all the music and everything, I think we need to get a little bit more involved in the local music scene here in Kuna.

More About Kuna

More About Kuna