Kuna Idaho Events

It's August and none of us is more popular than the Western Idaho Fair, but this year we're meeting downtown for the Boise Goathead Fest. This pedal festival features local and regional singer-songwriter bands making their way through downtown Boise, entertaining guests with live music, food, beer, wine and more.

Shakespeare Fest is a popular local entertainment and in August you can see Julius Caesar and the Musician almost every night. Be prepared for the annual Kuna Days event, which offers delicious food and drink as well as live music by local bands. It is a great day for a good time with friends, family and friends in the heart of downtown Boise.

This two-day festival celebrates Kuna's history and takes place in Bernie Fisher Park in downtown. After admiring the historic silver mark, take a walk down the expansive Snake River Valley in the heart of downtown Boise. Known for its spectacular bird watching with many birds of prey nesting nearby, the river is also a great place to see swans. Twenty miles from the Snake River is a beautiful waterfall on the Boise Falls National Wildlife Refuge, home to some of Idaho's most famous birds.

Be sure to participate in Kuna Days with an appetite, quench your thirst in the beer garden or buy freshly prepared food from food trucks in the alley. It's time to go to an outdoor concert or movie, head to Lucky Peak Lake recreation area, sit on the beach or attend one of the many food festivals that take place throughout the month.

Add this event to your calendar for this month and don't miss the chance to experience this local gem of a series of events. Enjoy all that the City of Trees has to offer, but you can't beat the fun fair when it comes to food, entertainment and fun. This fun fair will have you covered in everything from fried food to the most popular food trucks in town.

Grab a blanket or deck chair, pack a picnic and bottle of wine, and head to East Boise for an evening of world-class entertainment. Bring your blanket, bug spray and snacks and enjoy the last month of summer before school starts.

Don't be fooled by the word creek, this river flows fast, but although some sections include relaxing swimmers, it also has a few rapids that pump your adrenaline. Grab a tube and a friend and head down to the river for a fun day on one of Idaho's most popular rivers.

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More About Kuna

More About Kuna